About us

This is more of a ‘Why’ page than an ‘About us’ page, but never mind. The idea behind WPHeart is to help ‘normal’ users to get a little more out of WordPress. Created by WordPress enthusiasts and with contributions from similar-minded people, it’s more or less a community project, not really the property or work of specific folks. We’re just a small group of people with disparate skills and varying abilities, who happen to do a lot of stuff together.

Anyway, WPHeart exists for a reason, and that’s more relevant than who we are.
once upon a time
Once upon a time, we lived in a lovely peaceful world where we created HTML websites for fun, and sometimes for money. It’s still something we love doing, in truth. Then, several of our friends decided to drag us, kicking and screaming, into the world of WordPress.  Eventually, a bit like somebody sent to prison for a very long time, we settled down, stopped moaning and concentrated on learning how to get the best out of what was around us. We climbed on board the WordPress learning curve.

If you’re currently doing the same, this website was built to help you, because we went through exactly the same process. We can still remember what it was like.

If you’ve ever found yourself pulling your hair out because you’ve spent a day looking for advice on how to do something, but only found instructions that assume you are the winner of the 2016 Nobel prize for Computer Science and speak a language similar to English but totally unintelligible to normal people, we know just how it feels…

award-winning support

You won’t find anything written on this site that can’t be understood by a normal, reasonably intelligent English speaker. Or instructions that assume you’re some sort of coding geek.

Groundhog Day Online

groundhog day

At some point, you’ve probably Googled for articles to tell you how to do something. If you’ve done that, you’ll have realised how many articles of that type are just clones of each other, and very few that are genuinely useful. For example, more than half of the WordPress ‘how to’ articles on creating custom post types use the same copied explanation and instructions for creating a list of books / authors / genres. It’s like living Groundhog day.

So, we’ll be adding a range of ‘how to’ guides that are written in understandable language, use clear examples but aren’t restricted to Janet and John tasks and aren’t just cut and pasted from another website. Using custom posts is definitely on our list of scheduled articles.

Finally, we’ve never believed that the best way to create a ‘good’ or ‘proper’ website is to chuck money at it. We’ve done out best over the years to reduce our hosting, design and plugin costs as much as possible, and where we can, we aim to help you do the same.

In short, this site is our attempt to offer meaningful help to normal people who want to get a little more out of WordPress.