Get more out of WordPress, for less is a simple WordPress website created by WordPress fans with one simple aim; to help ‘normal’ users get the most out of WordPress! The site content is written by people who work with WordPress and while we don’t have time to add content on a daily basis, we hope that what we write will at least be useful for some of you.

What’s it all about?

This site is aimed at helping ordinary users to get the best out of WordPress without needing coding skills or a bottomless budget. If you’re thinking of building a WordPress website but aren’t an experienced php coder, this site is for you. We also aim to help WordPress users save a little money. Throwing money at a website isn’t always necessary. If you want to build a WordPress website without spending a fortune on themes, plugins and hosting, we’ll give you a few pointers.

WordPress can be many things to many people. With getting on for 25% of all websites on the internet using WordPress, it’s inevitable that you’ll hear good and bad opinions of it, most of which will be perfectly justifiable opinions, contrary as they may be. We have our own, and you’ll find a few of them scattered throughout the site but WPHeart is mostly about helping you to get better results from WordPress.

Wordpress plugins

WordPress Plugins

Advice, news and reviews of both free and premium WordPress plugins

Plugin Reviews
Using wordpress

Using WordPress

General articles on using WordPress, plus a selection of ‘how to’ tutorials

Using WordPress
Wordpress themes

WordPress Themes

Articles, news and reviews of some of the more popular WordPress themes

Theme Reviews

What can WordPress do?

This is what you might call the ‘piece of string’ question. Originally, WordPress was used to create and run blogs, but over the years it has been developed, extended and improved almost out of recognition.  These days, in the majority of cases, WordPress do more or less anything you ask of it, thanks also to a huge pool of plugins and themes.

You can use WordPress to create a blog, a simple website to put your family history and photo albums online, a website for a small business, a full-blown eCommerce store, and more or less anything else you care to mention. Obviously, some of these things are easier to do than others!

WordPress Plugins and Themes

what can wordpress do?

WordPress Plugins are bits of additional code which are used to add or extend functions in WordPress. If you want your website to do something, you probably need a plugin to do it.  There are thousands of free plugins available from the WordPress plugin repository, and lots of higher-spec plugins available from commercial developers.

WordPress Plugins
WordPress themes are page, style and design templates for your website; the clothes of your website. By default, WordPress comes with three free themes installed, but there are thousands more available, some better than others.

In addition to free themes, there are lots of ‘premium’ commercial themes on offer, and these are usually better specified and supported. Our themes section contains descriptions of some of the better and more popular themes.

WordPress Themes

WordPress Hosting

We debated adding a hosting review section to this website but eventually decided against it, for several reasons. If nothing else, the vast majority of articles you’ll find while searching for ‘wordpress hosting reviews’, ‘top 10 wordpress hosts’ and so on are blatantly paid-for propaganda, and we don’t think anybody intelligent takes them seriously any more. We sure as hell don’t.

Unethical marketing….

Many unethical hosts sell ‘WordPress hosting’ which is exactly the same as their standard shared hosting. For many it’s a marketing tool, not a product. However, you need to ask a hell of a lot of pre-sales questions to get these people to admit it’s just a scam. Happily, there are a few hosts which offer genuine WordPress-optimised hosting that’s worth paying for.

But remember….

High-performance dedicated WordPress hosting is great news for websites attracting large numbers of visitors, but when you put your website online for the first time, before it starts getting thousands of visitors a month, even before it gets a hundred visitors a month, your priority should be to get it set up to run quickly, to help you get the best out of whatever hosting you can afford.

You’ll find articles on site optimisation and WordPress hosting in our ‘Using WordPress’ section.