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You can find all our articles on WordPress listed here. As the number of articles grows they will be divided into block to help you find what you want, but until we reach at least 50 articles, there seems little sense in dividing them into different sections.

You will find articles on basic WordPress tricks and tips, advice (or opinion) on things like WordPress hosting, WordPress plugins, themes and so on. We hope you find them helpful, or at least interesting!

WP Rocket Review

Review - WP Rocket cache plugin In case you didn't already know, WP Rocket is a WordPress caching plugin and, unlike most cache plugins, is only available in a 'premium' (you have to pay for it) [...]

WordPress Security – 2

WordPress Security Plugins You can take care of the basics of WordPress security yourself, and it doesn't take long. The next step is to find a good, reliable security plugin that takes care of the rest. [...]

WordPress Security – 1

WordPress Security Out of the box, WordPress is a relatively secure publishing platform, but a magnet for hackers. Unless you want to find your site overrun by hackers on a regular basis, WordPress Security something you [...]

Essential plugins at startup

Startup plugins and themes Like most people who create WordPress website regularly, we have what you might call a default approach and some essential plugins that we use. Basically, allowing for a few variations depending on [...]

User Notification Emails

Changing the 'from' in notification emails Stopping WordPress sending user notification emails to new members from 'wordpress' or using 'wordpress@yourdomain.com'. When WordPress processes member registrations it sends new members an email which includes confirmation of their [...]

Display User Logins

Showing User Logins If you're running a WordPress website with multiple users, administrators, authors, contributors or just normal subscribers, it's useful to be able to see your site's recent user logins, even if only for security [...]

Displaying code

Displaying Code Snippets Creating the content for a WordPress 'help' website like this, it's very difficult to know where to start. One of the first things we wanted to do was to display various code [...]

WordPress and GPL

WordPress and GPL WordPress is a fantastic piece of software, a content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL which uses plugin architecture and a template system. What's more fantastic is that it's free, made [...]

HTTPS and SSL for WordPress

HTTPS and SSL You've probably noticed that when you visit online shopping sites, there's usually a little green symbol or padlock on the left of the address bar. The URL or website address of the website [...]

Choosing WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting Finding good hosting for your WordPress website will be easier if you're realistic about your needs.  If you're planning a new website and don't expect to get thousands of visitors a day, you don't [...]

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